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Dear Pastor,

You and I both know that one of the most important (and time-consuming) functions of ministry today is premarital counseling. If you're like me, you will not marry a couple who has not gone through it because you realize just how important it is.


Recent studies have shown that good, premarital counseling can reduce the risk of divorce by up to 30%! The problem is that most people in ministry have trouble freeing up enough time in their schedules to do it well.


That's where we come in! After two decades of premarital counseling experience, I have decided to share with you the dynamic and time-saving system I use with couples who come to me to get married. Not only will you have all the resources you need at your disposal, but you will save literally hundreds of precious ministry hours by using this simple, but effective system


With our premarital counseling kit you will never, ever, have to purchase additional materials, study guides, etc... Everything that you need is completely reproducible and is provided to you at no extra charge!


I recently ordered the Pre-Martial Counseling Kit from Pastor's Helper.  I am very pleased with the material and especially happy with the way they went the extra mile in helping me adapt the material to my individual needs.

The name of this organization is very apropos because they truly are "Pastor's Helpers."

Trueman Hight
Peculiar, MO


I must tell you that this is the best Pre-marital counseling material I have seen.  My wife and I used it with our niece and her fiancÚ and we all grew closer in our family relationships and that was an added blessing I did not anticipate.  So I want to thank you for your efforts and your wisdom.

John E. Nelson
Hospice Chaplain
Memorial Home Services



*4 Online Video Counseling Sessions


*Counselor's Step-by-Step Instruction Manual


*Premarital Inventory Software


*Reproducible Participant's Study Guide


*Counselor's Study Guide with Study Questions


*Wedding Information Sheet


*20 Complete Wedding Ceremonies


*12 Wedding Vow Samples


*Guidelines for Ushers.



STEP #1 -- The couple completes the Premarital Inventory Software (included in the kit -- MS Windows Only) or hard copy. You give the couple the Wedding Information Sheet (included), the Participant Study Guide (included), and access to the online website that contains the Premarital Counseling Video lessons.

STEP #2 -- The couple watches/listens to the first study and fills-in-the-blanks in the Participant Study Guide while they watch. This is repeated for all four studies.

STEP #3 -- The couple meets with you after they have watched each Premarital Counseling lesson. You will use your Counselor's Study Guide (included) to go over the material in more depth with the couple. Your Counselor's Guide includes additional follow-up questions. You can add any questions you would like.

STEP #4 -- Prepare for the Wedding. We have included twenty Wedding Ceremonies in your kit that can be edited, or used "as is."


VIDEO #1 -- God's Dream For Your Marriage

VIDEO #2 -- Four Keys to Intimacy

VIDEO #3 -- Men and Women: Enjoying the Difference

VIDEO #4 -- Conflict Resolution: How to Fight Fair



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Click on the DVD to

see a Sample Video

and Study Notes


As you can clearly see, we have thought of EVERYTHING. We have left nothing to chance, and have covered the major topics needed for someone starting out in marriage with dynamic studies that will keep your counselee's interest peaked, as well as help them to start off their new life together on the right track.


Our studies are also thoroughly biblical, and you can be assured that God's Word takes precedence. You, as the Counselor, can take comfort in knowing that you will be doing your best to build God-honoring, and lasting marriages.




You will receive the complete Premarital Counseling Kit, with online Video, a Reproducible Participant's Study Guide, a Counselor's Study Guide complete with additional questions, our Best-Selling Premarital Inventory Software, a Guide for Ushers, a Wedding Information Sheet to help plan the ceremony, as well as Twenty Complete Wedding Ceremonies!


So how much is all this going to cost? Well, I told you at the beginning that we wanted to save you time, save marriages, and save your church money. To save money we have designed our materials to be completely reproducible. We don't want you to have to keep coming back to buy more study guides, etc...


Incredibly, we are offering you all the above for only $99.95 $47.00 for LIFETIME ACCESS! Let us help you get started today...just click the order button below and we will be sending your order to your e-mail address in less than 24 hours.



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